32 mm sausage casing

32mm Fresh Collagen Casings

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Use with fresh sausage not made to be smoked. Casing is 32MM in size.  Easy to use, no preparation needed. Edible and have a tender bite, great for a bratwurst size fresh product.  Clear in color. Each casing stuffs approximately 15# of meat. Do not soak in water, put directly on stuffing horn. Sold in packages of 1,  3, 6 or 12 strands.

Cooking Directions:

Pan Fry-Add 1/8 in. water in pan, (no oil) steam fry over medium-low heat until fully cooked, drain water, and brown sausage.

Grill-Grill at low 300-325 degrees 10-12 minutes until sausage is  browned and fully cooked to internal temp. 150 degrees. 

Bake-Bake in oven at low 300-325- degrees and till brown and fully cooked to 150 degrees