Venison Bacon Seasoning
Bacon Ground & Formed

Bacon Ground & Formed

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Now you can make bacon out of ground pork or ground beef. Easy to make with the taste of bacon. Mix meat with seasoning, form into 2" thick loaves and let cure over night. Place on smokehouse screens and smoke as you would any smoked sausage. Slice and eat. Make with all pork, or all beef, or a combination of the two. Comes with sure cure and step by step mixing, and smoking instructions. Also see all of our recipes and procedures on our recipe page. You can order a unit to make a 10# batch, 25# batch, 50# batch or 100# batch. Note that if you order 50# or 100# it comes in one big bag. (**Bacon Ground & Formed and Venison Bacon are the same seasoning).

Bacon Ground & Formed Recipe